How To Draw A Rose

I searched online for tutorials on drawing a rose and this is what I found. The first ones are easier and the videos are a bit harder.

Disclaimer:  all the drawings and videos are created by their respective owners and not by me. I take no credit in creating them. I simply collected them so it would be easier for you to learn different ways of drawing.


how to draw a rose

This is the easiest way of doing it. You start off by drawing a circle and another circle on top of it. After that you draw some leaves and a cilinder. Then you proceed as the pictures show you. It’s fast and easy – everybody can do it.

drawing a rose tutorial

This one is similar to the first in shape but is created a bit differently. You start off with a circle once again but this time you draw a pot shaped image. After that you proceed by drawing more blossoms. When you have done that you go full out with the stem. It’s easy, fast and looks good.


This one is a bit more difficult but not that hard again. By following the instructions on the picture it’s pretty easy to achieve a good looking rose to draw on birthday cards or for valentines day.


Now this one is a bit harder and for advanced drawers. Creating the blossom of the rose is a bit of a creative thing and not so straight forward as the examples before. Having said that, if you follow this video I am sure you will get a good result :)

The last video is for true artists. I put this video at the end because it requires the most work but it looks absolutely amazing. I would suggest you try to draw the first ones and when you feel good enough with those then try the last tutorial. It takes the skill of shading to really make this picture work but practice makes perfect!

I hope you liked these guides and were able to draw a beautiful rose for your card or for whatever the reason is. If you liked this post then click the share buttons below.